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If therapy is recommended for your child, personalised targets will be set and a treatment plan agreed.  This may be a programme of activities for home with a review appointment at an agreed time period, or a block of intervention sessions.  Intervention sessions include working directly with your child using fun and engaging activities, and working directly with parents to help you feel confident to support your child with the activities during practice at home.

Intervention Sessions - £70

Therapy sessions are between 45 minutes to an hour.  Sessions can take place via telehealth, in your own home or at the child's educational setting.  Our price includes all planning, resources for your session, and any liaison that is required with other professionals.  Parents are also welcome to call or email the team for support between sessions if this is needed at no extra cost.

Please note that all sessions are subject to a travel charge. Please see our 'Travel Charges' section for more details

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