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Initial Telephone/Video Consultation - free of charge

We offer a free 20 minute telephone or video consultation to anyone who is interested in accessing our services.  This is a great opportunity for an informal chat to discuss your concerns about your child, get some general advice or to ask questions about any aspect of our assessment/intervention packages.  There is no obligation to use our services following this discussion.

Initial Assessment - £130

90 minute appointment at your own home or via telehealth.  This appointment includes a detailed discussion about your child's communication development and your concerns, along with assessment activities.  The assessment may be informal (e.g. using play based activities or observation) or formal (e.g. using standardised assessments) depending on your child's age and needs.

Following the initial assessment, our observations and assessment results will be discussed with you and a plan of action agreed.  A written report will be provided summarising the assessment conclusions and any relevant advice that will be helpful for your child. Targets will also be included if this is appropriate 

Additional Assessment Appointment - £55

In some cases, a further assessment appointment may be required.  This may be to complete additional assessment tasks, or to see your child in a different setting e.g. at school. The need for an additional assessment appointment will be discussed with you during our consultation. 

Please note that all sessions are subject to a travel charge. Please see our 'Travel Charges' section for more details

Child In Speech Therapy
Initial Assessment
Additional Assessment
Detailed Written Report
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