• Lorna

Fake or Fact?

Sadly, there is so much 'fake news' out there when it comes to Speech, Language and Communication Difficulties. Great Auntie Mavis means well with her advice, but isn't it better to get the facts from a professional in the area? We think so!

Some of the common statements we hear from families and other professionals are:

"A speech and language therapist can't help my child, they only treat lisps"

"He's a boy, he'll talk when he's ready"

"School will sort him out"

"Don't worry, my friends second cousin didn't talk till he was 5 but he's fine now"

"He's just lazy"

"He knows all his letters and numbers, so he doesn't need speech therapy right?"

"My youngest doesn't talk much, but it's because her big sister does the talking for her"

"My child isn't talking, I'm going to buy some flashcards to help them"

The world isn't always black and white, and Communication Difficulties are certainly no different. However, incorrect information can make it really difficult for children and families to access the support they need.

Stay tuned this week to find out whether these comments (and more) are fake or fact.

Remember, if you have any concerns at all regarding your child's communication, we are here in Huddersfield to help!

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